Why You Should Decide to Taste Durian Plus Other Surprising Facts About It

Durian is a fruit that is quite popular in Indonesia, especially on the South and East coast. It grows abundantly on the mountains of the mountains there and people who live there know all about this succulent fruit! So, why not try durian for yourself to experience the sweetness, and the spicy heat that it has to offer?

Durian is also called “tulsi” in Indonesia and like “tulsi” it tastes just as you imagine a durian should taste. But, it has a slightly different kind of taste and texture. One way to distinguish it is that it is not green. If you were to look at a traditional Durian, you would not be able to make out what kind it is.

But once you chew on it…you will surely be able to tell that it is filled with strong spiciness! So, when you decide to try durian, you must first be able to prepare for your adventure in trying to find this tasty fruit. Knowing a Durian supplier will come in handy if you want the best ones.

You will need to go to your local market or any local store where this fruit is sold and get yourself a plastic container to place your fruit inside. It can be placed on a piece of wood or metal furniture such as a table. Just make sure that it is placed high enough so that it is out of reach of young children!

Once you have your container, try to dry it out fully so that it does not shrink while being kept in the container. When drying it out, do not put your fruit in direct sunlight as it might spoil the freshness of the fruit. Always place it in a cool and dry place.

After putting your fruit in the container, cover it tightly with plastic wrap to seal the freshness of the fruit. Let it stay in a sealed container for several days or weeks before you try to eat it. This may sound strange and basic, but if you have ever eaten durian before, you would know that the taste is quite different from ours.

Durian has a strong and spicy taste, which makes it quite unfriendly for most people. Yet, once you try eating it you will find out for yourself just how good it is! And you will probably want to keep eating it all the time! Durian is a tropical fruit, which grows well in Indonesia and Malaysia.

It grows on trees that have huge bunches of large leaves. As the fruit matures, it pops out from the leaves, giving its trademark half-moon-shaped appearance. Durian is an especially sweet fruit; in fact, its flavor is so pleasant that some people say it tastes like candy!

It can have a very strong flavor when the leaves are not ripe, but if they are then the flavor becomes milder. Some people use durian to flush out their urinary tract infection and it is also used by people who are allergic to garlic and similar strong spices.

Durian is rich in protein, and fiber, as well as iron and calcium. It is therefore very good for people who do not get enough iron and calcium in their diet. It is also a good source of potassium and manganese. The juice of the fruit can be drunk daily as a healthy alternative to sodas or juices.

Durian is also very easy to grow. You can find it in almost any supermarket or health store. Sometimes it may be hard to find and so you may need to order it online. But you will probably find that you can get in touch with your local growers or even grow it yourselves to enjoy this delicious fruit for years to come.