Art Speaks

Voice Of Every Future Be In Art

It is obvious that finely devised art programs have effectively improved achievement in academics and have generally and more effectively fostered the fuller development of students and communities within.

Art reflects not only self-expression, but also the holding of a higher belief in someone’s dream, vision, goals, and most especially, voice. Potential might just be art’s biggest partner, not only for the artist but for the audience in awe. As a society and as humans, you could say that art just might be our most immense pride.

Art is something that humans hold so dear. It is something that has been proven essential to all sorts of communities. Characteristics like creativity, uniqueness, individuality—all of these breathe more life to our community. Art reinforces values and beliefs in its own beautiful way—non-provoking, tender, and true. Art drives even the most typical individual to strive harder, inspire, and discover potential. 

To say that art is in the past would be a shallow disservice to it. Art not limited to statues made by ancestors, or an old painting in your attic, a parched wall painting at the corner of your street—it is transcendental, infinite, unending because it is within us all and will be passed on for generations to come. 

Art is not limited to paintings, sketches, carvings, and so forth. It can be found in the most unexpected corners, the most hidden places. It can be the story you have been meaning to write since you were a teenager, the silent mornings you spend before going to work, the laughter of your beloved, the way you carry yourself throughout the day—it is just about anywhere. You just need to open your heart and your eyes to it.

Art is the past, present, and future. It is a gift we can hand to our children and their children in the future. It is the voice of cultural beliefs, values we hold high, the minority. It is the voice of silenced communities who only wish to be heard. 

There is no right or wrong when we think about art, for in everyone, art makes itself versatile. It is subjective, its influence varying from one person to another. In times of darkness, when we see a theater performance, a live band, or finally decide to read that dusty old book on your shelf—we feel more alive, more aware, awakened, and present. 

If anything, art enriches the soul. And when the soul is enriched, it transcends time. It captivates a certain community and spreads like a wildfire. And for this, art is most influential and powerful. And most importantly, art connects people from all walks of life.

It encourages partnership and camaraderie. It entices people and leads them to the discovery of similar visions, analogous ideas, and mutual goals. The pathways that come from this follow through and nurtures the coming generation, and the generations after that. It is a magnificent cycle that we all should work on continuing for all time.