Discussing the Meaning of the Celtic Knot – A Must-Read Guide for Beginners

What exactly is the meaning of a Celtic knot tattoo? Many people claim that they have their own version of the Celtic knot tattoo but it really depends on the person who is wearing it. Some claim that the knot itself means something, while others use the symbolism of the knot to tell a story.

Celtic knots with circular meaning. Some say that they represent the four traditional Celtic festivals of Samhain, Imbolc, and Island. Celtic knots are known to be a symbol of infinity and are often considered a representation of a never-ending cycle of life.

The interlaced linking of the three half Circles makes a cross-like structure with three pointed ends which are said by some to symbolize the trinity of mankind. The significance and meaning of Celtic knots vary according to religion and culture. Christianity reveres the knots and the Christian cross which have a deeper meaning than the other knots used in the pattern.

These knots are also called Crucifix knots or Crucifix strands because of this symbolism. It is believed by Christians, that the body of Christ was pierced by snakes and then cut down to bleed for us to atone for our sins. They believe that by having a Crucifix knot design inked on their bodies they are symbolizing the sacrifice Christ made for us.

In Hinduism, the trinity knot is also known as the three Gunas. They are known to stand for the three chief elements – air, earth, and water, which are believed to be the components of the universe. In Hinduism, the triple knot is a representative of the eternal god Vishnu, the ever-blowing river Ganges, and the divine trinity of Hinduism.

According to Hindu beliefs, the trinity knot is the sacred pattern used to decorate the devotee’s body. In Chinese history, the knot has a very important meaning. The dragon is the most ancient and powerful symbol in Chinese art and the knot designs are often incorporated into dragon images.

The meaning can be many things such as strength, power, courage, and wisdom. It can also mean the opposite such as slow-motion or slow Poison. There are also symbols for the moon, sun, and five elements plus a wheel which represent the yin and yang.

There are Celtic Knots in use today as symbols of love, commitment, friendship, and fidelity. Some examples of these include the Celtic rose or Celtic cross. The Celtic cross has a deep significance in Irish and Scottish culture. This symbol has both a romantic and spiritual meaning and is often worn as a symbol of friendship.

Another example is the Claddagh symbol used by couples in a love union. Some Celtic knot designs can be confusing and are difficult to understand. The most common designs are the Celtic cross, Celtic animal crosses, Celtic animal tattoos, and Celtic knot tattoos.

These symbols all have deep religious meaning and are used widely for different purposes including celebration, prayer, and family bonding. Loose ends are included in Celtic knot designs to symbolize life, love, and faith. These knots are also known as the Celtic cross as they contain four equal strands with each having a different color; red, blue, yellow, and green.

Celtic Knot designs also incorporate a wide variety of symbols. You will find symbols of peace, love and harmony, life, death, and many more. There is no reason why you cannot incorporate these wonderful knot patterns into your own design.

The more intricate your knot designs are the more meaning there will be to the piece you wear. For instance, a simple Celtic cross on a shirt would mean luck, while a complex knot featuring a dragon would mean love.