Creativity Takes Courage On Wall Painting

Over the course of history, art is certainly one that has remained timeless and will surely remain so for the coming years. Whatever year or where you are from, we must admit that art is something that can be appreciated no matter what.

For this post, we will be talking about wall painting and how courage is the one steppingstone you should aim for. Just like in all forms of art, having the courage to express and knowing quite well how to merge these mixed emotions to a masterpiece will probably the only thing you need if you are into wall painting.

From a boring shade of dirty white to a reflection of your wildest imagination blended in marvelous hues, wall painting is the surefire way towards a more self-fulfilled artist. Additionally, this hobby can be quite affordable. If you’re all set, make sure to keep the suggestions we will be discussing below to make your wall painting look professional grade.

1 – Do not underestimate the value of coming in prepared.

First things first, you are reading this post at the moment is already the first step to fully preparing yourself. You do not want to exert so much effort and not be satisfied in the end, right? Make sure you do some research on highly recommended supplies, painting technics, and so forth. Do not rush into painting.

If anything, you should be taking your time throughout the whole process. Next, before holding onto that brush, make sure you use masking tape that is specifically used for wall painting. Ensure that you tape up and protect the edges of fixtures, cabinets, trims, registers, etc.

2 – Learn the basics of painting. 

Read manuals or online tutorials. The internet is home to tons and tons of valuable resources for artists. Do not underestimate this and make the most out of it. For example, do not, by all means, use latex color on enamel since it will not stick as much to walls. Consider using a primer if you have enamel-based walls. 

3 – Mix, match, contrast!

Consider using shades that slightly vary from the primary layer if you want a finer look. Utilizing contrasting colors and shades give out a more dramatic effect. First closely learn color samples that are made readily available on the market and pick the combination that calls out for your name the most.

4 – Be careful with that roller!

When utilizing a roller for painting, make sure to dip it real good in the tray. Roll it back steadily, and forth just as firmly. This somewhat compresses extra paint and better disperses paint throughout the roller. Take not that painting zigzag or diagonal strokes is okay.

5 – Do not stick to one color.

Take risks and set a variety of trays with distinct colors. But be careful, make sure to use separate materials for each. Through this strategy, you will find a more attractive look for your wall. And here is a cool bonus—try rolling up a small plastic bag and submerge one surface in paint, then apply this to your wall for a surprising twist.

6 – Feathers do the trick.

Who said the painting was limited to paintbrushes alone? You can also consider using feathers for more unique and fluffy patterns. I highly recommend this if you are thinking of painting clouds or trees. All you must do is plunge the feathers in paint, remove extra paint by using paper bags, and apply this on the wall for your fluffy looking masterpiece.