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The Young Pretenders


UCA fine Art Exhibition

26th January – 31st January

11-6pm daily

Private View 27th 6-9pm


First Year BA Fine Art Students from the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham are pleased to announce their first UK exhibition The Young Pretenders at the Embassy Tea Gallery, London. This unique group of students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, including UK, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, China, Cyprus, Romania, Greece and Nepal.

The University for the Creative Arts is an innovative institution, embracing creative potential in students across a number of subjects, climbing the university league table by 25 places in the past year.

This show is an important experience to each of the participants, being their first steps as artists into the art world. The students have put their heart and souls into the production of the show including searching for gallery spaces and fundraising, alongside their studies. The title of this show perfectly describes the collective group experience of students at the beginning of their art careers; The Young Pretenders, where art is their throne, explorers through the unknown.
For more information please contact: Amanda Couch,

Fine Art office on + 44 1252 892820

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‘Thik Cha’

An Exhibition For Nepal
Gaurab Thakali
Tom Caron-Delion

21st — 24th January 2016

11am – 6pm

Private View Thursday 21st 6-9pm

‘Thik Cha’ is an informal greeting used in Nepal; it is a question and a response, the English equivalent of ‘OK’. For artists Tom Caron-Delion and Gaurab Thakali it perfectly communicates the relaxed yet purposeful way of life that they experienced on a joint journey-based project in Nepal in late 2015.
Gaurab Thakali is an illustrator printmaker currently living in London. Gaurab originates from, and has spent over half of his life in Nepal. His previous work has revolved around music and in particular, semi-fictional Jazz scenes of the 1950s. For this project however Gaurab wanted to travel to his country of birth and experiment with drawing from life and capturing the vibrant culture and everyday scenes that he used to experience daily. He felt this particularly urgently given the recent traumatic events in Nepal.
Tom Caron-Delion is a photographer from South London, who makes work of an immersive, doc- umentary nature. His previous work has involved talking with and taking photographs of communities around his home in South London. His subjects often emerge from already existing relationships, one being a photo-documentary project about the subculture of skateboarding in Woolwich, an activity that both artists share a passionate interest in and believe is a universal language.

Their resulting project explores what happens when an insider and an outsider travel together with the aim of documenting everyday life, making contact with local skateboarders and in so doing, recording the aftermath of the April earthquake.
Through a series of line drawings Gaurab has documented the traditional landscapes and building structures of Nepal. His sketches became a very personal way of recording his
travels through the country.
From the work accumulated on the journey, Gaurab has gone on to make a series of screen prints which represent the countries environment with a sense of familiarity, but also with the distance of having been away for the last ten years.
The brilliant colour he employs and the Nepalese paper he prints on references traditional Nepalese art, but the prints still embody his signature style of illustration that he acquired and developed in London.
While Tom’s photographs focus on the people he met in Nepal, the images also document the extraor- dinary amount of rebuilding taking place in the wake of the earthquake. In doing so his photographs suggest something of the goodwill and tenacity of the Nepalese people. Predominately shot using a medium format camera, his images capture the incidental detail of people going about their ordinary lives in extraordinary circumstances. At the centre of his photographic project you are introduced to a small but thriving scene of skateboarders in Pokhara, a group that wholly accepted both artists into their community and proved that the language of skateboarding is universal.

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james ashby


5TH January – 8th January 2016 Open 11am-5pm

PRIVATE VIEW 6th January 6pm-9pm ALL WELCOME

ASC is pleased to showcase the work of 8 Union St Artists, in one of the final shows at the Embassy Tea Gallery.

Christina Chistova | Chelone Wolf | Raha Tabar | Silvia Lerin | Julie Pickard | Lucy Bainbridge | Helen Ballardie | James Bradley | Leone Roberts

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