Jan Enkelmann – Serious Conviction

Open to the public 28th-29th November 11-5pm
Private View Friday 27 November

An exhibition uncovering the personalities at London’s captivating Speakers’ Corner.

After three years photographing the orators and hecklers at London’s Speakers Corner, Jan Enkelmann’s work will now to be showcased in a two-day exhibition at the Embassy Tea Gallery, hosted by The Team.
Public oratory has a strong tradition in Great Britain with arguably the most famous location celebrating this to be Speakers’ Corner. Located at the northeast corner of Hyde Park, Speakers’ Corner is where this tradition is kept alive with both orators and hecklers alike. Where historical personalities such as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Winston Churchill spoke amongst the lesser-known speakers and eccentrics, today this area of one of London’s most famous parks still marks a place where anyone is welcome to stand up and give their opinion.
Serious Conviction is a collection of carefully curated photographs documenting the eclectic people of Speakers’ Corner: the unique mix of orators, preachers, attention seekers, tourists, schoolchildren and Sunday afternoon strollers from nearby Bayswater or Kensington.
Enkelmann took three years to study and photograph the people who showed up rain or shine, to test their opinions and convictions against a difficult crowd.
“What attracts me to this place and inspired me to take photographs is the passion with which people proclaim, argue and defend their convictions.”
The challenge lay in capturing the strength and passion in each of the speakers -something that could not be uncovered in a single visit, but is revealed by experiencing it over a length of time.
Originally from Stuttgart, Germany, Jan Enkelmann has been living and working in London for 15 years. Jan is partnering with The Team, the brand communications agency where he works as Creative Lead, to produce the exhibition.
Serious Conviction previews on Friday 27 November, with the exhibition open to the public on 28th-29th November 11-5pm at the Embassy Tea Gallery, 195-205 Union Street, London SE1 0LN

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‘MOMENTUM’ Paintings by Julian Carter

2nd December – 6th December 11am -5pm
Private View 2nd December 6-9pm

Julian’s formative experience as a Parachute Regiment soldier and his observations of male identity, romanticism and the inherent violence of men have informed him as a painter through his career. His latest paintings reflect a future in which the male hegemony has been dismantled. These paintings are full of momentum. The richly coloured paint, applied layer on layer with bold, fluid brushstrokes, develop into rhythms and patterns, eventually evolving into female forms, running forward and sometimes marauding over the bodies of imagined male heroes from another age who are collapsing under the weight of change.

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Tuesday 8 December – Saturday 12 December 11am – 6pm
Sunday 13 December 11am – 4pm

We are a group of six artists who began working collaboratively after meeting at Central Saint Martins. Together we respond to a site or space in a way that reflects our individual practice and our common interest in creating a cohesive site-specific installation. Cultural history, memory and trace, post-colonialism, and making and recording are elementary to our endeavours. An enquiry into what went before by bringing the past to the present informs our work. The Embassy Tea Gallery has provided us with a rich cultural and political history of the Tea Industry which has inspired an energetic and thoughtful response to the Bankside site.

Exhibiting artists:
Ale Dini, Crow Dillon-Parkin, Morfydd Ransom-Hall, Jean Stockwell, Louise Sunnucks, Jana Valencic

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Seana Brennan – A bit of a year.

Solo exhibition

Tuesday 8 December – Sunday 13 December
11.30am – 6.30pm
Private view: Tuesday 8 December
6.30 – 9.00pm

For many years I have been working with two mediums – my own photography and acrylic paint. Texture, light and shadow are important to my work and I enjoy the contrast between the reality of a split-second photograph and the leisurely, textured plasticity of the paint.

I have been exhibiting for over ten years, originally in collaboration with other artists, but with solo shows since 2009. This show concentrates on images from places travelled during the past year, each one ‘A bit of a year’.

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Previous Exhibitions


Three photographers. One subject.

Capturing cycling legend Alf Engers, The Team asks three photographers to explore how to create and select the perfect picture.

Open to the public 25th-26th November 11-6pm

Photography has been part of society for over 200 years, yet it is estimated that 15% of all the photos ever taken have been shot in the past 12 months.
With marketing campaigns often reliant on visually arresting photographs and images, brand communications agency, The Team have asked three photographers to shoot one subject and then share the reasons for their selection and why they feel they stand out.
Photographers Ben Gold, Arnhel de Serra and Jan Enkelmann have all worked professionally for commercial clients for a number of years. Understanding the power of the right image, this exhibition of their work with the same subject will explore the reasons for their choices and show how one shot can bring a story to life.
The subject in question is cyclist Alf Engers. Now in his seventies, Alf can lay claim to being the original Bradley Wiggins, doing things to his bike long before Sky coined the term ‘marginal gains’. Alf was the first man to break the 25-mile road time trial record – twice – once when he was 18 and then again, 18 years later, riding his bike at 30 miles per hour.

Accompanying the exhibition launch, The Team will be hosting a talk by the photographers on 24 November 2015. Places at the event can be secured by emailing

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Portrait Salon 2015

Wednesday 18 November – Sunday 22 November
11am – 6pm.

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 19 November, 6.30pm – 9.00pm

Portrait Salon is now in it’s fifth year and to celebrate we’re exhibiting one print from every photographer that submitted to Portrait Salon and was rejected by the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. We’re doing this as we want to show the breadth of work that is rejected annually by the National Portrait Gallery.

Our print exhibition will open at 6.30pm on Thursday 19th November 2015 at The Embassy Tea Gallery in London and will be accompanied by a special publication that will look back at the past years of Portrait Salon. The exhibition will close on 22nd November 2015.

Visitors to the print exhibition will be able to vote on their favourite three portraits and the selected photographers will be able to choose from; a portfolio review with Lucid Representation Photographic Agency, a full days retouching at Stanley’s Post, a bespoke 1-1 session at Metro Imaging and a career advice session with Creative Advice Network.

On Saturday 21st November 2015 we will be collaborating with Miniclick for a ‘The Heart Grows Fonder’ event at The Embassy Tea Gallery that will include all the portraits selected in this year’s Portrait Salon. Participants will have the chance to create their own, unique Portrait Salon ‘zine’.

In February 2016 the Portrait Salon selection will travel to The Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery in Tokyo where it will be part of a project called ‘I / Land’ in association with Miniclick and photography curator and editor Yumi Goto.

Portrait Salon would not exist without the guidance of our sponsors. This year, we are very grateful to METRO Imaging, Stanley’s Post, Lucid Rep, HERO, Calumet and Creative Advice Network for their continuing support.

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The Art and Politics of Eating

November 3rd – 14th
Open to the Public 11am-6pm
Private View: November 4th 6pm -9pm

Inaugural exhibition of The Art and Politics of Eating , exploring the relationship between different art forms, food and wine. With paintings by Zev Robinson, photography by Albertina Torres, and a series of screenings and wine and food tasting events.

For more information – or

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