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Artur Malewski, Popobawa, 2014

Artur Malewski – Closed Eyelids Make Us All Dark


Open to Public Saturday 17th January 2015 10 am – 6 pm

PV Friday 16th January 2015 at 6 pm

RSVP to: by 10th January 2015

MAK Gallery is pleased to present Artur Malewski’s solo exhibition Closed Eyelids Make Us All Dark.

Artur Malewski’s first solo exhibition in the UK features his latest project Za zamkniętymi powiekami wszyscy jesteśmy czarni (Closed Eyelids Make Us All Dark) which much like his entire work up to date exudes dark and sinister character. Malewski frequently finds inspiration for his work in horror movies and film noir. He is at ease exploring world of urban legends or even occult themes. He brings creepy and disfigured creatures to life. Creatures that might still “populate” the bleakest corners of our mythologies even though we try to deny them. Malewski focuses on otherness” and likes to confront us with beings and occurrences that exist on the borderline between rational, imaginable, tamed and wild, terrifying and absolutely beyond our control…

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Story Telling Event


Sunday 11th January

7.30 – 9.30pm

Giants Theatre will be working on a devised performance on story telling as a matter of life and death.

Working with 3 performers and 3 workshop leaders using “Tales from 1,001 nights” as a starting point to explore the contemporaneity of the book’s themes.

Working during the whole day of the 11th of January and then, in the same evening at the Embassy Tea Gallery  we’ll be presenting the outcome to a small invited audience.


This is a free event, we just have limited seating so please follow to register.

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Antonia Aviva Caffrey – Before I die for Glamour

2rd -8th December

Private view 4th December 6-9pm

At first glance Antonia Aviva Caffrey’s technicoloured mixed-media images are like something from a Disney fairytale, but there are no doe eyed innocents here. Her women are sexualized to the extreme – starved to the point of anorexia and unrelenting in their voracious appetite for men. Antonia’s unsettling and provocative images are replete with a zany sense of humour and a palpable narrative – equivalent to the raging screams of a meltdown.

Born in Ireland in 1989, Antonia spent 8 formative years in Wicklow, living in splendid isolation in Roundwood where she produced her first set of works. Despite her country upbringing, Antonia is a highly attuned to the techno urban landscape: You Tube, Facebook, cinema, TV and glossy magazines. She is profoundly disturbed by the relentless quest for beauty as a product, the compulsive need for her generation to share a highly artificial narrative of their lives, and how readily available porn confounds modern relationships. All this comes pouring out in her work, like a live torrent.

For more information or interview requests please contact Yona on or call 00353 87 419 2274




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