ONCE UPON A TIME – Alexandra Gromova

Solo Exhibition
29th September – 4th October
11am -6pm

Private view Thursday 1st October 6-9pm

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Fiery the Angels Fell -2

New Boundaries in Contemporary Print ‘Space to Place’

29 September – 4 October
Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm, Sunday 11am – 4pm
Drinks Reception: Thursday, 1 October, 6-9pm

A group of sixteen emerging artists are taking over a London gallery for a week-long exhibition.

Space to Place presents a series of projects exploring the fundamental concept of place through diverse print processes. The exhibited work explores the transition from the cosmos to our place on earth, and how we create spaces around ourselves for security, reality and imagination.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional and contemporary printmaking, new processes and materials are combined to create exciting hybrid and 3D pieces.

To view the blog leading up to the exhibition, please visit:

Exhibiting artists: Charlotte Biszewski, Caroline Case, Stuart Cannell, Sarah Duncan, Bernard Fairhurst, John Ford, Lucy Guenot, Catherine Ingram, Emily Ketteringham, Joanna Knight, Anthony Lloyd, Emily Lucas, David Parsons, Petra Regent (British Institution Award 2015), Monika Rycerz and Teresa Searle.

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Distinct Impressions – Prism 5 London: Identity and the International Print Artist

Tuesday 6th October to Sunday 18th
11 – 5pm each day, entry free

PRISM 5 brings together 32 new and established artists from Japan, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, China and England, presenting works side-by-side to reveal their originality, and highlighting what is truly personal or cultural – and how international ideas might impinge.

Pauline Aitken Susan Aldworth Trevor Banthorpe Marcin Bialas Ian Brown Claudia De Grandi Dolores De Sade Vladimiro Elvieri Yolanda Eveleens Yoko Hara Jin Hirosawa Toshihiko Ikeda Rebecca Jewell Yuuichi Kashima Masahiro Kawara Shizko Kiyohara Hideki Kondo Tomasz M Kukawski Masataka Kuroyanagi Sophie Layton Nao Masuda Tsutomu Morita Hisaharu Motoda Nigel Oxley Ritsuko Ozeki Joanna Piech John Read Arianna Tagliabue Ryoko Tanaka Maria Chiara Toni Park Jae Young Jian Zhou

Crisp linocuts and etchings by three Polish artists express their great tradition of graphic art, while three Italian artists challenge norms of engraving and drypoint using sheet plastic and power tools.

A Dutch artist represents exquisite etching in the Netherlands delineating history and nature, whilst a Chinese artist seeks a way of printmaking beyond the paper itself!

Ten English artists present a cross-section of Northern thoughts on the implications of observing reality – and the brain itself. Some focus on observing other cultures, others on how representation – from illustrations to modern cellphone images – shapes understanding. Others, using technologies of representation fed back to these systems, show their distortion to fascinating effect. Another rejects this and exploits the system itself with images realised within it.

Fourteen Japanese artists reveal quietly distinctive ways of approaching reality displaying ideas from dystopian to airy garden-naturalism, from diaristic records to urban chaos – always high definition and supreme craft skill. Reworking traditional Japanese woodcut provides evidence of continuing vitality in that medium, whilst silkscreen and etching confirm that printmaking in Japan is both inventive and expressive.

Something for every taste perhaps – but also something provoking deep recognition across cultures.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Gallery talk 2-4pm: Saturday 10th – Master Printer/Etcher Nigel Oxley on Kelpra Prints.
Gallery talk 2-4pm: Sunday 11th – Japanese artist Toshihiko Ikeda on Printmaking in Japan Today.

Workshop: Saturday 17th 3-8pm at East London Printmakers Studios – Masahiro Kawara on Waterless Litho.

Prism Print International is a non-profit organisation promoting cultural exchange through the medium of fine art printmaking worldwide.

Supported by the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and Japan Centre London. Thanks also to East London Printmakers. Twitter @prismprinter Instagram @prismprint

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Portrait Salon

Portrait Salon is now in it’s fifth year and to celebrate we will be exhibiting one print from every photographer that submitted to and was rejected by the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, organised annually by the National Portrait Gallery in London.
Our print exhibition will open at 6.30pm on 19th November 2015 at The Embassy Tea Gallery in London and will be accompanied by a new publication looking back at the past 4 years of Portrait Salon. Every photographer that enters Portrait Salon will have one print selected from the portraits they have had rejected by the 2015 Taylor Wessing Prize.
Visitors to our print exhibition will be able to vote on their favourite 3 portraits and the selected photographers will be able to choose from a portfolio review with Lucid Representation Photographic Agency, a full days retouching at Stanley’s Post, a bespoke 1-1 session at Metro Imaging and a portfolio review and career advice session with Creative Advice Network.
On Saturday 21st November we will be collaborating with Miniclick for a ‘The Heart Grows Fonder’ event at The Embassy Tea Gallery that will include all the portraits selected in this year’s Portrait Salon. Participants will have the chance to create their own, unique Portrait Salon ‘zine’.
In February 2016 the Portrait Salon selection will travel to The Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery in Tokyo where it will be part of a collaborative project called ‘I / Land’ in association with Miniclick and photography curator and editor Yumi Goto.
We will open for submissions via our website on August 13th (until September 20th) and entries will cost £7.99 per photographer. While remaining not-for-profit, we have taken the step to charge a minimal fee to cover our costs of exhibition spaces in London and Tokyo and the accompanying publication. Portrait Salon would not exist without the guidance of our sponsors. This year, we are very grateful to Metro Imaging, Stanley’s Post, Lucid Rep, Calumet, HERO and Creative Advice Network for their continuing support.
Usually we show the best of the rest. This year we want to show all of the rest.

Portrait Salon was founded by Carole Evans and James O Jenkins in 2011 as a response to the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize. A form of Salon des Refusés – an exhibition of works rejected from a juried art show – it aims to showcase the best of the rejected images from the prize, which is organised annually by the National Portrait Gallery in London.

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Previous Exhibitions

east london printmakers summer show 2015 cat cover

East London Printmakers – Annual Show 2015

16th September – 27th September
Viewing Hours: 10.30 – 6pm

Private View: Tuesday 15th September 6-9pm

South London Art Map (SLAM): Friday 25th September 10.30 am – 8.30 pm
Interactive Screenprinting Workshop (SLAM): Friday 25th September 6.30 – 8.30 pm
Interactive Screenprinting Workshop: Saturday 26th September 2pm -4pm

For the second year running East London Printmakers is pleased to present its Annual Show at Embassy Tea Gallery. 
The exhibition is open to all members and includes not just a range of styles, but experimental and accomplished work in most print mediums. Members are asked to contribute works made over the past year. It is a chance for fellow studio artists to see each other’s work in its finished state and for visitors to see the wide range of possibilities that printmaking allows. With a recently expanded studio and fantastic new equipment, the range of work this year is even more varied than previous shows. 

Submitted works include the imagined and intricate worlds of Jamie Temple and Belinda Chen, to the more fragmented and graphic cityscapes of Heather Fahy. Other works deal with more abstract forms, such as the colourful gestural drawings of Judith Symons or the linear works of Yann Brien. What these artists have in common is a passion for the possibilities afforded by print.

On Friday 25th September, Jairo Zuldua and Nicola Green will be holding screen printing workshops throughout the SLAM open evening. Here you’ll have the chance to design, print and take away your own screen print.

East London Printmakers is an independent, artist run studio based in London Fields. Our aim is to provide professional and affordable printmaking facilities for artists and designers and to create opportunities for them to discuss and exhibit their work. We offer Open Access for screen printing on paper and fabric, etching and relief and run a variety of courses and residency schemes.

With thanks to Rabbit in a Frame, Intaglio Printmakers, Printmakers Council & Westland Coffee and Wine

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poster A3-2

There is no straight line – Xiaoyu Chen

9th September – 14th September
11am–6pm Sunday 12–4pm
Private View 6–9pm Wednesday 10th September

One particular phenomenon never ceases to perplex me – in the world of nature, there is a complete absence of unswerving, unbent, undeviating straight lines; from the curvature of the human body, to our pets, to the apples from the backyard, where are the straight lines, the demanding linear structures? And yet, within our society we are confronted with such on a daily basis, the space we inhabit, the objects we use, the surrounding architectures, furniture, artworks, sculptures, etc. Anything synthetic seems to be defined by boundaries and uncompromising straight lines. Ever since then, my fascination grew and I began to compare all that are straight with all that are curved; I started noticing all areas of space, observing all variations of life forms from humans, to animals, to plants. Never had I thought this train of thought would take me to the world of physics, specifically, the subject of quantum mechanics. Upon learning the basics, I realized this was a bottomless pit. Although my understanding of quantum mechanics was shallow, it was sufficient to waver my 20 years outlook on life. Hence, gradually I incorporated them into my artwork; I became intrigued with all shapes that may be associated with “encirclement,” “vibration,” and “entanglement,” such as any net-like, circular, and intertwining shapes as well as any rhythmic/patterned modes of vibrations; all of which became the main materials of my created artworks, with a focus on the contrast between natural curvatures and manmade linearity.

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2nd to 6th September 2015
Weds- Sat 12 – 7pm Sunday 12 – 4pm
Private View 6 – 9pm Thursday 3rd September

Improbable Truths is a group exhibition by thirteen up-and-coming artists and photographers exploring the difference between what we see and what we perceive.

The participants are mostly from the Kent hinterlands and recent art-school graduates. They work in a wide range of media – from oil painting to digital and analogue photography – and highlight a diversity of themes from the disturbing innocence of childhood through to the finality of holocaust and death. However, the work is by no means all dark and there is colour and humour too.

A great opportunity to see a new generation of artists of all ages, and find out what interests them and why.

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