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Antonia Aviva Caffrey – Before I die for Glamour

2rd -8th December

Private view 4th December 6-9pm

At first glance Antonia Aviva Caffrey’s technicoloured mixed-media images are like something from a Disney fairytale, but there are no doe eyed innocents here. Her women are sexualized to the extreme – starved to the point of anorexia and unrelenting in their voracious appetite for men. Antonia’s unsettling and provocative images are replete with a zany sense of humour and a palpable narrative – equivalent to the raging screams of a meltdown.

Born in Ireland in 1989, Antonia spent 8 formative years in Wicklow, living in splendid isolation in Roundwood where she produced her first set of works. Despite her country upbringing, Antonia is a highly attuned to the techno urban landscape: You Tube, Facebook, cinema, TV and glossy magazines. She is profoundly disturbed by the relentless quest for beauty as a product, the compulsive need for her generation to share a highly artificial narrative of their lives, and how readily available porn confounds modern relationships. All this comes pouring out in her work, like a live torrent.

For more information or interview requests please contact Yona on yona.agent@gmail.com or call 00353 87 419 2274




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Jane Wachman_paintings_09.14-2

JANE WACHMAN – Walking the Neon

3 Dec – 7 Dec


Walking the Neon brings together a collection of recent abstract paintings and prints by Jane Wachman.

Rooted in the landscape, Jane’s gestural paintings exude energy and movement. Through the exploration of mark making and the process of layering she exposes the fragility of the environment we inhabit. The use of bright, fluorescent colours that often spar with each other, capture the essence of the ever changing landscape, while the thin translucent layers, showing traces of what’s gone before, enhance the feeling of transience.

Walking the Neon contains a very real sense of place, inspired in equal measure by the rugged coastlines and structural shapes found within the Ring of Beara on the West Coast of Ireland, a place Jane frequently visits, and the hustle and bustle of London where she has lived for many years. The amalgamation of these contrasting environments is reflected in the process of deconstruction and reconstruction evident in her work. Indeed, for Jane the very act of painting is a continuous process, always changing as layers are applied and taken away to create something new.

Before becoming an artist, Jane worked in fashion, a career that clearly influences her work.



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5 Nov – 15 Nov

12.30 – 6 pm daily

PRIVATE VIEW Sat 8 Nov. 6-9.30  rsvp@passionforfreedom.co.uk

Festival’s programme

Tues 11 Nov 6.30 -9 pm ‘Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus’

Film screening followed by Panel Discussion.

Thurs 13 Nov 6.30-9pm ‘The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story Of Aaron Swartz’

Film Screening followed by Panel Discussion.

Sat 15 Nov 6.30 – 9pm ‘Freedom Short, Music and Teasers With ‘Ai Weiwei: The FAke Case’ bonus clips

Closing Night



The art competition is organised by Passion for Freedom, an independent group of friends standing up

for freedom of speech and artistic expression.

The annual international festival is a rare collection of works of “courageous artists” in the categories of

film, photography, painting, sculpture, publications, journalism, book, performance and other forms of

artistic expression. So far the competition has featured hundreds artists from all over the world, including

Sarah Maple, Steve Rosenthal, Robb Leech, Firoozeh Bazrafkan, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou among others.

“Brave” artists from around the world such as Ai Weiwei (who spent three months in prison and is banned

from contacting the media), Jafar Panahi (several times arrested on charges of propaganda against the

Islamic Republic), Johan van der Dong (no galleries in Europe have courage to show his work for the fear

of attacks), Ferri Farahmandi, Azadeh Behroozi and many others, showed their works at the PFF festival

and still have the courage to create despite the threat to their lives and the safety of their family. Some are

forced to hide behind a nickname, others withdraw their works or self-censor themselves to avoid

“offending religious feelings”.









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